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    About the safety of silicone kitchen supplies


    Some people may ask, is this soft silicone used to make kitchen supplies, is it safe? Can you use it with confidence? Why are foreign people using silicone tableware kitchen products that are in contact with food so safe? On this issue, Ningbo Jielip Rubber Co., Ltd. based on the experience of the silicone industry for many years, to introduce the safety issues of silicone tableware and silicone kitchenware:

    In fact, this is related to the perfect product inspection standards in China and foreign countries. All silicone rubber tableware utensils must be in line with their relevant food-grade testing standards if they are sold locally. For example, the US FDA standard, the European BFR standard, especially the German food grade LFGB standard according to the EU BFR, is almost the world's most stringent food-grade testing standard.

    Silicone rubber or silicone is still a very strange thing for us Chinese. We get information about silicone rubber, almost all breast augmentation surgery from the breast. The reputation of silicone rubber is poor, and it is completely given by these failed breast augmentation operations. Of course, there is no meaning of derogatory or accusation. I just want to tell you that although the prosthetic silicone used for breast augmentation (accurately, silicone gel), and the silicone rubber (solid food grade silica gel) we use to make tableware, They are collectively referred to as "silica gel", but in essence there is a very big difference between the two. In the medical world, silica gel can be used in a variety of medical settings after specific treatment.

    Solid silicone rubber has proven to be a very healthy and safe silicone material. In Europe and the United States, stainless steel cake baking trays are increasingly being replaced by silicone cake molds and silicone baking trays. In recent years, ceramic and stainless steel bowl kitchen utensils used in Japan have gradually used silicone bowls and silicone lunch boxes. Instead; and when they roast, they no longer use a brush, but instead use a silicone brush. They use silicone brush and silicone cream scraper, silicone spatula, etc. The PE film used in foreign plastic wrap used in the past is now replaced by silicone wrap. Even the steamer is a silica gel steamer made of silica gel. What everyone doesn't know, however, is that all the silicone products they use in contact with food are Made in China. According to incomplete statistics, in China, less than 30,000 tons of silicone kitchen utensils are used each year, and more than 2 million baht of silica gel kitchen utensils are exported to foreign countries. 90% of these silicone tablewares are exported to Europe and the United States. Domestic sales are very poor. This kind of very environmentally-friendly and healthy material has not been widely promoted and used in China for a long time. In addition to being related to our cautiousness, the bigger reason is that we have few channels to understand this material, as well as Chinese consumption concepts. Great relationship.

    At this point, you may still be unable to imagine what kind of material silicone is. In fact, in our daily life, we often have access to silicone products, but they are easily overlooked. For example, the nipples used in baby bottles and the pressure ring of pressure cookers, the use of silicone rubber in these two fields is any other material. Unpredictable... The existence is reasonable. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's quality of life requirements, the safety standards for silicone tableware will become more and more perfect, and everyone can use it with confidence.


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