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    Note on the opening of the silicone glass cover


    Opening the mold with a silicone glass cover is an important task that affects the quality of your product and affects your productivity.

    When we do the silicone glass cover, we must pay attention to the mold designers. The details of the molds they design will affect the efficiency of our production line. Therefore, our mold designers must design the silicone glass cover mold. Careful, consider the quality of the work products on the production line, work efficiency problems, and the first-line personnel of our production line, mold opening, gaps in the edge of the mold, and there must be no leakage.

    When the silicone glass cover is opened, pay attention to the temperature. Too high, too low temperature will greatly affect the quality of the product. There is also the problem of the material of the mold, a good material can make a better mold, and a good mold can greatly improve the quality of our silicone glass cover.


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