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            Hello! Welcome to visit  Ningbo jielipu household products Co., Ltdwebsite

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            Universal Silicone Glass Lid Timer&Temperture Function Silicone Glass Lid Silicone High Arch Cover Other Accessaries

            About Us

            We can provide the service listed below:


            2.Provide business information and advise to consumers(consumer advice agency)

            3.The business management of a franchise

            4.Vending machines for hire

            5.Retail or wholesale services for medical supplies

            6.Sell for others

            7.To purchase goods or services for another business.

            8.Display of merchandise on communications media for retail purposes

            9.import and export agency

            10.Administrative processing of purchase orders




            Contact US

            • Add:No.399 Meiqiao Road, Shangying, Meilin Street, Ninghai, Ningbo
            • Email:sales@jielipu.com
            • Fax:+86-574-65298994
            • Tel:+86-574-65293536
            • Website:http://www.sccsq.com/
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